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“The Buchanan Box”

This box was designed for my friends in the Buchanan Clan to be displayed in their tent at Scottish Festivals. It is made of ash with walnut carvings and trim. Besides the ornate carvings, this box holds some less obvious secrets. There are two hidden compartments!

The cover slides to the right to open, revealing a plush flocked interior.

The first secret compartment is revealed by sliding the molding on the left side of the cover.

The second secret of the Buchanan Box is found by lifting the false right side of the box, to reveal a hidden drawer in the bottom of the box.

Here is a close-up of the walnut carving on the front of the Buchanan Box.

Carving of “The Rampant Lion” is mirrored on either side of the box.

Any name can be carved on the top. This box would make a great family heirloom to be handed down through the generations. Display your family name proudly!

“The Om Box”

Made of spaulted maple with ebony carving and trim. Red flocking lends a luxuriant feel to the inside of this box. Corners are all joined with hand-cut dovetail joints. The Sanskrit symbol,”OM” adorns the front of the box, thus the name,”Om Box”. The spaulted maple offers an interesting streaking pattern to the wood grain.

“The Dragon Box”

The carcass made of ash, with padauk and walnut overlays. Inside lined with red flocking.

Dragon overlay carved from walnut.

Twin Griffins carved from walnut adorn the inside cover.

Cast metal feet (if available), may be substituted with wooden feet.

Padauk overlays cover four sides.

The ash lid is rimmed with padauk.

The Moose Box

This highly carved box is made of butternut. It depicts many outdoor scenes that would appeal to the sportsman. The name, is derived from the carved moose on the top of the cover.

My favorite carving lies on the front face. It shows a frontiersman shooting his Kentucky rifle in front of a log cabin.

One of the side carvings shows a hunter paddling a canoe across the lake.

The other side, shows a motorboat at a dock in front of a log cabin.

Here is a close-up of the carving on the underside of the cover.

This box would make a great addition to any outdoorsman’s camp.

Small Jewelry Box

This box is cut on the band saw out of a single block of maple. The top pivots on wooden pins. There is a small drawer in the bottom.  The pull is made of padauk. All inner surfaces are lined with green flocking. An excellent choice for trinkets and small jewelry.
Great gift idea!

Grease Box

This cute little box is only 3 inches long, but it is of quite a clever design. Originally, these boxes were used in Colonial wood shops centuries ago, to contain tallow or grease; thus, the name Grease Box. A finger could be dipped into the tallow and wiped on the sole of a plane or the blade of a saw to lubricate it. Since tallow can be messy, this box was designed to lock shut to avoid spillage.

To open, the cover swings to the right.  When closed, the top cover locks the secondary sliding cover in place that lies just beneath it.

With the upper cover out of the way, the lower cover is allowed to slide backward slightly, off of the dove tail that holds it in place.

The lower cover is now free to swing to the side, revealing the tallow inside.Now, you probably won’t be putting any tallow in this little box, but the velvety flocked interior is very handy for little things like an extra house key, for example. It can almost be thought of as a colonial child-proof container! 

Reiki Box

Reiki is an ancient healing art, and this box was designed as an complement to the healing practitioner. This lovely box is made of African Mahogany and has an Asian flare about it. The Reiki symbol adorns the cover, while another symbol lies within.  These are carved from walnut and offer a nice contrast to the lighter wood of the box. As with the other boxes, the inside is lined with green flocking.

There is a secret compartment that is revealed by sliding the lower molding in the front.

This box makes a lovely display on its own on any table. The Reiki symbols can be replaced and personalized however one likes. 


Large Window Table

Decorative carved overlay adds to the appeal.

Table is six feet long, and made of cherry. It has tapered legs. Designed to be placed under a window. Tables can be made to any custom size according to your needs.

Credence Table

Basically, a smaller version of the table previously depicted, this table was built for a church in a neighboring town. Made of red oak, this would make a nice end table.

A close-up of the carved overlay on the front of the Credence Table. 

Dragonfly Table

Another small end table; this time with a drawer.  I built this table for a business that uses a dragonfly as their logo. Note the dragonfly drawer pull. Made of solid cherry, this table has tapered legs to give it an elegant look.

The drawer has hand-cut dovetails in front for strength.

The dovetail joint has long been used in areas where strength is needed; such as in drawers or the corners of chests. It can readily be seen how strong this joint can be.

Closeup of the dragonfly logo burned into the lower left corner of the top.

Each line is painstakingly burned with an electric wood burning tool. This type of optional feature can be included in most any of my pieces. The right design can really dress up a piece.


“Cherry Tree Shelf”

Sawed out of padauk, shelf depicts two birds eating cherries from tree. Small,upper shelves can be fitted with candle holders for a nice effect. Other woods can be substituted for color variations. Walnut would yielda warm, brown, somewhat darker shelf. 

Framed Silhouettes

The background on this piece, is padauk. The cutout is Baltic Birch plywood. The lighter wood offers a nice contrast to the darker background. Frames can be of any wood. Cutouts can be mounted under glass if preferred, or open as in this example. Various patterns available.


These coasters are made from padauk. (other woods can be substituted) Come in sets of 4, 6, or 8.

Trivet This trivet is carved out of solid walnut. The grape motif would fit nicely in any kitchen.

Heartland Wall Clock

This is a wall clock that would make a lovely addition to your kitchen or dining room. Made of red oak, it is very durable and meant to last a lifetime. It features a battery operated clock, available in either numbers or Roman Numerals, and a handy storage compartment. Two Shaker pegs allow for hanging of freshly dipped candles, or perhaps your keys. There is a narrow shelf in the center for small knickknacks. (batteries not included)

Fancy Letter Basket

Here is a great gift idea. This fancy letter basket can be used for your daily mail, or a handy card holder around the holidays. Made of solid ash, all fretwork is meticulously cut out on the scroll saw.  Wood is stained and sprayed with a durable lacquer finish. Imagine this lovely basket adorning your table or side board, overflowing with Christmas cards next holiday season.  Front back and carrying handle are through-mortised for strength.

Nesting Baskets (set of three)

At first glance, these baskets appear to be woven, but in reality, they are made of separately cut hoops, stacked and glued together. Each basket is slightly smaller than the other to allow for nesting.

Bird Houses

This bird house is cut out of a round log. A porch and stairway embellish the front for when the birds are too tired at the end of the day to fly into the house.

Cremation Urns

I built this urn for my brother-in-law.  It is made of quarter-sawn white oak.  More than just a container for ashes, this urn offers utility as a battery operated mantel clock. (batteries not included). The deceased’s name, date of birth and date of passing can be printed on the clock face, if desired. The clock is mounted behind glass. There is also a secret drawer in the bottom for little mementos.  When closed, the drawer becomes a part of the frame. The door is only to service the clock.  It is held closed by a magnetic catch. The ash compartment is completely sealed and separate from the clock compartment. If no urn is needed, this piece can be used as a beautiful mantel clock, instead.

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